“I have been buying pottery from Caryn as long as she has been selling it.  We use large and small bowls for serving and coffee mugs and small dishes every day.  We use her pedestal bowls to store fruits and  vegetables and we often give her pottery as gifts.  It is so nice to give something that is made by hand, that I can be confident won’t break easily and will look beautiful in any setting.“   Jennifer Guy 



“I own and cherish many lovely pieces of Caryn Newman's Willowood Pottery. I love that they are all so colorful and beautifully proportioned. But what I love best about my mugs, bowls, vases, berry colanders, pots, and the rest is that they are not only decorative, but they are functional. The largest pieces I own I display as art, but most I use every day, from my morning cup of coffee to the pretty dessert dish I use after dinner.   I can wash everything in the dishwasher, which is an added bonus!”  Janet C. Mandel


“My collection of Caryn’s pottery began quite a long time ago; in around 1972.  My friend did an apprenticeship with potter Richard Bennett in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I have just one or two plates made by the master. My collection grew when Caryn and her then husband ran Crow Hill Pottery in Abbot Village, Maine.

Frequent trips resulted in some stunning pieces: bowls, utensil holders, vases and such. When I got married I listed Crow Hill on my registry and received place settings which I use to this day, 39 years later. I also acquired my late sister’s collection of bowls and vases. 

I recently acquired a beautiful Willowood Pottery vase. I fell in love with it and had it sent to me. 

I am proud of my friend and I expect her to make it into the pottery hall of fame for her excellent aesthetics.  I’m proud of her and of my collection!"  

Nina Zimel Wilson