Artist Statement


I enjoy making functional pottery for everyday use.  Hand-made pottery enriches the enjoyment of food and life.  Craft pottery is a work of art, both decorative and utilitarian.  It is artisanal, not manufactured.  From an idea or need, form follows function with new designs.  I produce multiples as well as one-of-a kind special pieces, at affordable prices.  I hope that you will use and enjoy the pottery, as much I love creating it.

While clay and glaze are basic, humble substances – literally from the earth - the potter transforms them into something elevated and elegant.  

There is a revived interest in the handmade recently and owning and using handmade ceramics provide an authentic experience beyond just functionalism.  The hope is for people to enjoy this pottery and it pleases me when a customer shares their experiences with my work, making it a treasured part of their daily routines.


“I have been buying pottery from Caryn as long as she has been selling it.  We use large and small bowls for serving and coffee mugs and small dishes every day.  We use her pedestal bowls to store fruits and  vegetables and we often give her pottery as gifts.  It is so nice to give something that is made by hand, that I can be confident won’t break easily and will look beautiful in any setting. “

Jennifer Guy