We are always open on line or shop in person by appointment. 609-203-7141
We are always open on line or shop in person by appointment. 609-203-7141
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My Process

As in my apprenticeship in Japanese production wheel-throwing techniques, I make multiples of various shapes, either classical or new, inspired by traditional forms. Developing and testing glazes is an on-going creative process as well.  

in the glaze firing, a pot may become something quite unexpected,  while another may just be a nice pot.  There are always surprises and magic when I open the kiln after a firing, which adds to the fun.

There is a rhythm and flow to the phases of this art - creating the pottery, then 2 firings in the kiln. The first is called the bisque firing, slowly heating the kiln to cone 04 or 1935 degrees over 12 hours.  Then the pots are unloaded and glazed before the second firing to 2245 degrees over 10 to 12 hours to cone 6.   I have 13 different glazes that I mix myself, which I use alone or in combination to create different colors and effects.
I make bowls, cups, vases, plates, trays and sculptural pieces in stoneware and porcelain. Pieces are wheel thrown or hand-built.  All are lead-free and dishwasher, microwave safe, with care.  Avoid temperature extremes.
I recently made some pots inspired by Zentangles, a  "mindful doodling" technique, carving some Zentangle forms into underglaze applied to the leather hard pots before they dry completely.  After bisquing, a clear glaze is applied for the final firing.
                                                                                                  Caryn Newman