As in my apprenticeship in Japanese production wheel-throwing techniques, I make multiples of each shape. My shapes may be classical or new, inspired by traditional forms. Developing and testing glazes is a continual creative process as well. I am constantly testing new glazes and new combinations for that special effect. In the glaze firing, one form may become something quite unexpected, even museum quality, while another may just be a nice pot. There are always surprises and magic when I open the kiln after a firing, adding excitement to the process.

There is a rhythm and flow to the phases of this art. Creating the pottery, deciding what shapes to make and always reaching for the next inspiration comes first. All pots are fired twice in an electric kiln, bisqued to Cone 04 then glaze fired to Cone 6 with various glazes I mix myself.

I hope you enjoy using my pottery as much as I enjoy creating it. I work in stoneware and porcelain in a variety of glazes. Pieces are wheel thrown or hand-built. All are lead-free and dishwasher safe.

Photograph by Lorraine Skidmore